GTF Options (Recorded + Live QNA)

This course is designed for those who want to trade options professionally, in this course you will get to know how options premium calculated with the help of Greeks. Whether the options premium is cheap or expensive, when to be an option buyer and when to be a seller.

Most options traders make the mistake of ignoring volatility and time decay, leading to losses. This course provides you with rule-based strategies in order to identify your own entry and exit points in the options market. The GTF Options Trader course introduces traders to the fast-paced world of Options trading, the benefit of options writing, providing a solid skill set, and the knowledge required to attain a superior competitive edge in this market.

Note:- Trading in the Zone is Mandatory if you want to do GTF Options


Options Foundation:-

  • Why to trade Options
  • Benefits of trading Options
  • Risk Correlations
  • Intrinsic Value / Time Value
  • Breakeven

Moneyness:- (ITM/ATM/OTM)

Open Interest

Options Buying vs Options Selling:

  • Importance of Options writing
  • Risk factor of Options writing
  • Which is best (buying or selling)
  • When to buy when to sell

Volatility Analysis:-

  • Implied Volatility- The game changer for options premium


  • Delta/Theta/Vega/Gamma/Rho

Anchor unit and Offset unit

Options selection parameters

  • How to choose right strike and expiry

Single leg strategies:-

  • Long call (debit)/Long put (debit)/Short call (credit)/Short put (credit)

Multi leg strategies:-

  • Bull call spread (debit/ bullish)
  • Bull put spread (credit/bullish)
  • Bear put spread (debit/bearish)
  • Bear call spread (credit/spread)

Non directional strategies:-

  • Short strangle (credit/non-directional)
  • Iron condor (credit/non-directional)
  • Short straddle (credit/non-directional)
  • Iron butterfly (credit/non-directional)

Other strategies:-

  • BFF (breakout for free)
  • Iron condor (credit/non-directional)
  • Short straddle (credit/non-directional)
  • Iron butterfly (credit/non-directional)

How to read the premium Options for Rental Income

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  • Duration 3 Month
  • Fees Charges 5000 + GST 10000 + GST 50% Off
  • Language

  • Total Charges 5900
₹ 5900
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